12 Ideas for Contemporary Window Dressings

It’s a budget-friendly buy that costs less than drapes, so is the perfect purchase for renters. Prevent the glare from street lamps disrupting the carefully created ambience of your living room in the evenings with the best blackout curtains or blinds. Make a focal point of the window – or distract from a view that leaves much to be desired – with a patterned window treatment. Flat panels put maximum focus on the motif itself as there are no fabric folds, and look contemporary to boot.

These curtains let the light dapple through, and give you privacy at the same time. They can be drawn back to almost nothing during the day, and if you want to tie them they are so light, you need only use a lovely ribbon. Your guest bedroom is a perfect opportunity to get creative and design a scheme reminiscent of boutique hotel interiors. These curtains run the course of the walls, and were custom made by JAB Anstoetz to match the velvet-upholstered sofa bed nestled in between. This look adds height to a room, while keeping a clean and simple aesthetic.

Therefore, disappointed with this operating performance, the manager decided to window dress the figures to boost the profits, the aim being to suggest to shareholders that operating efficiency is good. However, fraudulent practices that are indulged under the umbrella of window dressing are punishable under the law. Due to the manager’s actions, the balance sheet will show a positive bank balance despite the company’s performance over the previous year. Taking advantage of this, many enterprises adjust the strength of their balance sheets by revaluing their brands (assets). Lisa is Deputy Editor of Style at Home magazine and regularly contributes to sister title Ideal Home. She has written about interiors for more than 25 years and about pretty much every area of the home, from shopping and decorating, crafts and DIY to real home transformations and kitchen and bathroom makeovers.

Homes and interiors have always been a passion and she never tires of nosying around gorgeous homes, whether on TV, online, in print or in person. A fabric with a pretty illustration is a great way to dress up a window with an uninspiring view. Use plain fabric for two-thirds of the length, with the panelled pattern on the lower third. Create visual separation between the two with a ribbon braid, finishing off with a trim below.

Window treatment ideas – 38 ways to dress with curtains, blinds and shutters

For example, if a company has many shareholders who lack an in-depth operational knowledge of the business, window dressing may be used to make financial information look attractive to them. Window dressing is when managers in an organization take measures to make their Financial Statements appear better than they actually are. The basic idea of window dressing is to mislead shareholders and investors by presenting a favorable picture of the organization’s performance. Alternatively, shutter blinds are a stylish selection with a continental feel. They’re available in many contemporary shades and materials to suit your scheme and similarly to blinds and curtains, can be made to measure to fit your windows.

  • Some hire accounting firms to ensure their books are kept up-to-date and that reports are generated.
  • If space either side of a window is tight, opt for a neat roller blind fixed to the frame or inside a recess.
  • Installing drapery along a ceiling mounted track, giving you the option of privacy without compromising the large open space so well suited to a minimalist home.
  • With this tailored look, it’s important to get the length of the curtains just right.

Some hire accounting firms to ensure their books are kept up-to-date and that reports are generated. Businesses can time adjustments in their accounting procedures, and investment holdings can be changed at specific times to seem as if they are more profitable, have higher returns, or have been performing well the entire period. ‘From frosted to vibrant patterns, window films can either blend seamlessly into the background commission expense accounting or create a real design statement,’ says Baumard. ‘Rooms which are exposed to little sunlight require creative thinking and decorative interest. If you find yourself deterred from spending time in a certain room due to the lack of light, consider choosing a bold patterned window film,’ says Joanna Baumard, co-founder, Purfrost. Street-facing living rooms can leave you feeling on show when you’re trying to relax.

Blinds2Go X Morris’ beautiful Blackthorn print blind is made from 80 per cent polyester and 20 per cent linen meaning that it can be easily spot cleaned with warm water. Plus, the fabric is attached to the bar with Velcro to aid removal for cleaning. In this kitchen designed by Malstev Design, the moody red curtains deliver a dignified sense of drama. We love how they stretch from the floor to the ceiling and are cinched super low to the ground to playfully skew the proportions. In this attic sanctuary designed by Mally Skok, the vibrant and warm tones of the printed wallpaper and fabric curtains make everything feel rosy.

Frame a gorgeous view

The simplest and most common way of practicing window dressing involves presenting statistical information in such a way as to improve the way an enterprise’s performance appears to clients, shareholders, or investors. If you have a sequence of large windows in a room, choose single curtains instead of pairs hung centrally to give a contemporary, laid-back look. Omit holdbacks for a further relaxed feel, instead opting for a lightweight fabric such as linen as it gathers and drapes beautifully. Allow plenty of length on the curtains so they pool on the floor to complete the look. Tab top curtains in a subtle print are a laid-back solution to dressing large bay windows.

Roman blinds and curtains will also add to the balance of softer elements in a living room scheme, and the latter can look especially luxurious with generously draped fabric. To keep natural light flowing into a living space and obscure the view of the curious, window film proves a simple and effective solution. Letting the curtain fabric pool on the floor, as here, will make the look more luxurious. In recent years, pelmets have been finding their way back into modern interiors. ‘Curtain pelmets are perfect when you want to block out light – better than a curtain pole, where light can bleed above.

These two tone blue shutters come in custom colors from Shutterly Fabulous..

Choose bamboo for sustainability

If it isn’t an index fund, make sure they meet the fund’s published intent. Most funds have a description of what they are designed to invest in, usually called the fund’s objective. For example, the Fidelity Value Fund’s (FDVLX) objective is to seek capital appreciation, using a strategy of valuating companies with valuable fixed assets and purchasing the stocks of the ones it believes are undervalued. Another way is for a manager to purchase stocks that do not meet the style or strategy of the mutual fund. For example, a precious metals fund might invest in stocks that were performing well and disguise them. This gives the fund the appearance of a short-term performance boost that is not aligned with the market or indexes it might mirror.

Correct uneven proportions with window dressings

“Window dressing” is commonly used to refer to the way a pedestrian facing the window of a retail business is presented to make their goods look most appealing. However, when it is referenced by the finance world, the term means something slightly different. In finance, window dressing refers to the efforts taken to make the financial statements of a business look better before they are publicly released.

#2 Wave Pleat Drapes

My first rule of curtains is that they should be long to the floor and in the case of 100% linen curtains, even longer. We asked Harry Cole, founder of Loom & Last how to deal with this tricky window treatment. We asked Emily Mould, Design Director at Romo and Black Edition for her advice on using patterns. For blinds or curtains to work well in a bathroom, make sure your room is well-ventilated to prevent any mildew developing. Avoid full-length designs if you can – or at least ones that hang on the floor – and opt for a lightweight fabric that will not only maintain privacy while letting in sunlight, but will also dry quicker in case they do get damp. A pretty Roman blind is a sure winner when it comes to window treatment ideas.

Companies typically window dress their financial statements by selling off assets and either purchasing new assets or using this money to funds other operations. This way the cash balance on the balance sheet appears to be at a normal amount. One of the simple methods of window dressing (without the use of creative accounting) involves presenting statistical information in a way that improves the appearance of an enterprise’s performance. For French doors or patio doors, thermal curtains are a good idea to keep your room cosy and warm. A stiffer curtain fabric will create an elegant drape, however, lighter voile curtains are ideal for teaming with blinds at windows that require a little extra privacy.

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